We produce high quality, large grade trees and palms that display good form, and possess vigorous and healthy root systems. We do this by selecting the best available parent stock to propagate from, then growing our trees on utilising best practice methods from both the nursery and arboricultural industries.

We produce specimen and semi-mature grade trees from 2-8 metres in height, in containers ranging from 45ltr (PB95) to over 2000ltr.

We grow a wide range of both evergreen and deciduous trees; New Zealand native trees as well as exotics. Our large grade native trees including big Pohutukawa now grace many large gardens and council parks and streetscapes.

We supply big trees for many situations and requirements, including coastal, formal, shade, small gardens, civic, hedges and screening; however producing large screen trees (big hedges) suitable for urban environments is a big part of what we do. Trees that we grow that are suitable for screening include Ficus tuffi, Waterhousea (Eugenia), Mexican Evergreen Alder, Titoki, Pittosporum and Olives.

When you visit our nursery our experienced staff will provide you with one on one advice to assist you in the selection of the most appropriate trees for your requirements.

If we don’t have the trees that you require in stock, or you are planning ahead for a project, we are happy to discuss contract growing options with you. This will ensure that you have healthy large grade trees, grown to your requirements, and ready when you need them.


Our catalogue (Trade List) lists trees which are currently available from our nursery. We update it regularly, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us as it may be available in the near future.


Within the greater Auckland region we undertake delivery of trees from our nursery on our own trucks. Outside this area we can arrange delivery with other horticultural carriers to most locations nationwide.


Recommended Reference Books:

Auckland's Remarkable Urban Forest - Mike D. Wilcox

Dancing Leaves - The story of New Zealand's cabbage tree, ti kouka - Philip Simpson

Exotic Trees - The Broadleaves - J.T. Salmon

Exotic Trees - The Conifers - J.T. Salmon

New Zealand in Flower - Alison Evans

New Zealand's Native Trees - John Dawson and Rob Lucas

Palms and Cycads - Beyond The Tropics - Keith Boyer

Palms of the World - Alec Blombery and Tony Rodd

Pohutukawa and Rata - New Zealand's Iron Hearted Trees - Philip Simpson

The Native Trees of New Zealand - J.T. Salmon

The Subtropical Garden - Gil Hanly and Jacqueline Walker

Trees for the New Zealand Countryside - A Planter's Guide - John and Bunny Mortimer

Wardle's Native Trees of New Zealand And Their Story - John Wardle


Most of these books are available from Touchwood Books



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Large grade hedging trees

View of Nursery

View of large trees in nursery.

Mature palms in nursery.

Loading mature palm for delivery.


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